Stand In Truth


What does my donation to Stand in Truth do?

Stand In Truth understands the importance of supporting educational activities for our youth. It’s crucial to provide them with an effective life skills program to equip them with the necessary tools to become successful and sustainable adults.

Stand In Truth will offer vocational skills and provide vocational certifications to our most vulnerable young adults to ensure they have access to opportunities leading to a brighter future.

Let’s remember about our low-income neighborhoods. We will positively impact by organizing clean-up and beautification efforts to spruce up these areas. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our communities.

In our community, there are those who are struggling to meet their basic food needs. This includes unhoused and low-income individuals who may not have regular access to healthy meals. Stand In Truth will focus on food distribution efforts to get meals to those who need them most. Finally, we will address the need to provide temporary shelter options for those who are at the greatest risk of going hungry. Together, we can ensure that everyone in our community has access to the food and shelter they need to thrive.

Can I donate via check to Stand in Truth?

Yes, please make contributions payable to


Stand In Truth

Mail To: 2124 Kittredge St., Suite #31

City: Berkeley

State: California

Zip Code: 94704

How can I contact Stand in Truth?

Please contact us via email: