Introduction of Stand In Truth

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Healing The American Dream
Documentary film project

Al B Sure, Celebrity Mutli-Platinum Singer, Songwriter, Producer The American Legion, San Francisco, Ca.- War Memorial Vet -To- Vet United States of America Armed Forces
This film is given voice by the authorative narration of San Francisco, Ca. based, Noah Griffin. "Healing The American Dream" speaks to the silent grief of homeowners' loss and the resilience of the American people. Think about it....more than 4 million Americans have lost their homes since 2007. It is estimated this year another 2 million will be in mortgage default or sold in foreclosure. Every 13 minutes a homeowner is faced with the painful reality of home loss and the fear of homelessness. Many families have been destroyed, people are grieving every day and experiencing overwhelming moments of low self esteem and self-blame. The recovery of our nation is more than just financial recovery. If our country is to recovery, the American people must heal-- we are the financial providers of this nation...our stories of truth must be told...our voices, our words have power and must be heard...... Donations are tax deductible, non-profit 501-C3.