Veteran Mission

Veterans--Back at home--still at war, many veterans women & men need our support!

Across the country veterans are in need each of successful military life transition for themselves and their families. Through events the provisions of housing, counseling, career development, health care needs, and comprehensive support with MST military sexual trama / PTSD post traumatic stress disorder are made readily available to navigate timely positive results.

Stand In Truth events provide important information and professional experts guidance on accessing information and tools to productive veteran family wellness,it's impossible to calculate the amount of caring, sharing and support provided in our event day. Investing in the future of veteran families wellness tremendously helps our communities to thrive. Embracing our American heroes offering support and tapping into their highly skilled training in leadership,stability training,teamwork,and goal achievement are invaluable teaching tools for inquisitive young leaders and a cornerstone for the vulnerability of elders. Stand In Truth non profit organization is grateful for the wonderful response to help America's Veterans, Join our family of giving with your corporate or individual donation, every Stand In Truth event changes lives!