Deborah Matthews has been a Realtor/Broker and Executive Investment Banker since 1990  providing real estate and financial services to San Francisco Bay Area residents.  Developing the model of real estate and investments crafted to the unique needs of her clients provides the opportunity to analyzed and select the right home and strategies to effectively assist her clients in reaching financial goals smarter, safer and faster. "New Truth Real Estate System" recommends products provides a unique solution from creating wealth to income generation, and all can be dovetailed into an individual’s tax or wealth preservation strategy. Deborah believes in the importance of leveraging self-directed qualified funds to achieve true portfolio diversification. "New Truth's" “better way” is in the belief that you do have a choice in securing and controlling your financial future, and there may be more than one real estate/ financial investment solution that is right for you.    

Deborah enjoys being an independent broker ("the broka") always having the flexibility of time and creative marketing to address the needs of her influential client base. "With the convenience of real estate technology the interstice between independent companies and corporate companies has been bridged," she states. As a locally owned independently operated real estate company Our Land Realty & Funding has the capacity to provide the service to effectively market the sale and the purchase of your home.

She feels it's important to bring consciousness to her professional work environment. In real estate she has implemented the mission statement of the importance of honoring the land and the indigenous people of this land as we buy and sell real estate. "We are the caretakers of the land with the responsibility to maintain and improve our communities", Deborah says. Our prayers of thanksgiving were said to the four directions: East, from where the new day is born; South, which sends the warm breeze which gives comfort; to the West which ends the day and brings rest; and to the North, the mother of cold sharp air awakening a time of preparation for the long day ahead. Today we are evaluating the changing winds. May we be strong in spirit and equal to our mothers and fathers of another time, interpreting the signs accurately and wisely. Wah-Kon-Tah, the great Spirit, guides us, inspires us, gives us courage and wisdom. Above all, may he/she look down upon us pleased.

With more than 25 years in community service to the City of  Berkeley she continues to stay engaged in progressive change for positive home appreciation values and living green. Deborah is currently Chairperson, Zoning Commissioner, the City of Berkeley appointed by Mayor Tom Bates, Wesley Foundation University of California Board of Directors, and has previously served as chairperson of the Housing Advisory Commission. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Downtown Berkeley YMCA and is currently on The Merritt College Real Estate Industry Advisory Board. In addition, she is a member of National Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors, and The Berkeley Board of Realtors. Deborah feels providing this community service has given her an opportunity to augment her knowledge of community and city needs. In addition to opening her awareness, the commissions have given her insightful knowledge that can be shared with her clients.

On the personal level Deborah is an avid swimmer and freelance photographer. Her love for international travel has taken her on several amazing journeys, always with her camera in hand capturing the beauty and cultural experience of the moment. her photography works have been published in Warrior Marks written by the Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker author of  "The Color Purple" and noted Color Purple Broadway Musical Production, executive producer, Oprah Winfrey.

Deborah's real estate services focus on Berkeley, where she resides and the immediate areas San Francisco, Albany, Oakland, Piedmont, Claremont, Montclair, El Cerrito, Kensington, Richmond & El Sobrante.



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